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Most people with a hearing loss in both ears report hearing far better when both ears are used. Here are some of the reasons why the majority of hearing aid wearers use binaural amplification (hearing aids in both ears):

SAFETY: It is very difficult to tell where a sound is coming from if you are hearing from only one side of the head. This can be dangerous and confusing, especially in traffic and crowds. The ability to localize a sound source is maximized when two ears are used for hearing.

IMPROVED UNDERSTANDING: Binaural hearing, or hearing with two ears, helps you sort out and understand individual voices better, especially in groups and in moderately noisy rooms, which are difficult listening situations.

NATURAL HEARING: As nature intended, hearing from both sides of the head makes hearing in social situations easier and you don't have to worry about getting your "good" ear towards the person you want to hear. Studies report that less effort and lower sound levels are required for comfortable listening with two ears and listening is actually less tiring and stressful.

BETTER SOUND QUALITY: Binaural hearing works like a stereo sound system. Two ears allow for higher fidelity and a more balanced sound quality. This gives a more natural sound to voices and music.

No one wears a monocle anymore! Just as you use both eyes to see clearly, you will find balanced binaural amplification provides the clearest hearing. Even if you are currently wearing one hearing aid, many patients report that adding the second ear offers an improved, safer, and more natural hearing experience. Simply schedule an appointment at your nearest Audionics location.

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