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Audionics provides a full range of audiological services for infants and children including comprehensive hearing evaluations, follow-up for newborns referred from screening programs, counseling with parents, and fitting of hearing aids.

A child's hearing can be evaluated at any age, and all children are testable. Early identification of hearing loss permits prompt effective intervention, allowing for speech, language and cognitive development on target with peers. Early detection is key for appropriate intervention, while normal results offer peace of mind to parents and physicians alike.

The pediatrician is often the gatekeeper for referral to an audiologist. We also work with Early Intervention programs. Indications for referral include:

    • inconsistent responses to sounds
    • doesn't startle to loud sounds
    • history of frequent otitis media family
    • history of hearing loss or prenatal risk factors
    • speech and language delays
    • parental concern

The audiologist assesses hearing with a battery of objective and subjective tests tailored to the age and ability of each child. At Audionics, our staff of licensed audiologists are highly skilled in providing the specialized care that children require. We have over 50 years experience in pediatric testing.

Our services include:

    • Otoacoustic emissions which objectively provides ear and       frequency specific information about cochlear function

    • Auditory brainstem response objectively tests further
      along the auditory pathway

    • Distraction audiometry allows observation of child's
      behavioral responses to sounds Conditioned play
      audiometry provides audiometric threshold information
      by engaging the pre-school child in an enjoyable activity

    • Immittance tests assess middle ear function
      (tympanometry and stapedial reflex measurements)

    • Conventional audiometry for school-age children ready for       traditional testing

    • Hearing aid fitting for school-age children

We provide our pediatric services in a warm private practice atmosphere in Bayside, Forest Hills, and Manhattan's east side. Appointments are generally available within a few days. Easy to use typed reports are sent on a same day basis.

We accept most insurance plans, including HIP, Oxford, Aetna, United Healthcare, Magnacare, Affinity, 1199, GHI, and most union plans.

To make an appointment, please call us at the Audionics office most convenient to you.

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